To our valued clients:  
  It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous people were claiming that they are authorized distributors of Sam Gas brand of LPG.

You can check the seal of your tank to make sure that you are buying genuine Sam Gas. Genuine Sam Gas has a red seal with an embossed "Sam Gas" mark. People who have our tanks refilled by illegal refillers use a different seal or don't use a seal at all. Our seal is registered with the Department of Energy and with the Philippine Patent Office.

Our plant personnel are trained to regularly check our tanks for accuracy of weight. We have been informed that these illegally refilled cylinders tend to be underweight.

It has always been a standard operational procedure in our company that cylinders should undergo rigorous inspection and maintenance process to ensure maximum safety for our clients. We would like to warn you that buying from these people could endanger your life because their tanks did not undergo the proper safety and maintenance processes being implemented in our company.

Ensure good quality and safe gas, buy only genuine Sam Gas.


Sam Gas Corporation
Sta. Rosa Gas Corporation
Trident Gas Enterprise Corporation